Saturday, 1 March 2014

Up cycled T-shirt


   I think the little sun we have had today has gone to my head? So I thought I would share with you my Up cycled T-shirt. I shared this with you via the Ali-craft blog last year! How time flies. It is a great t-shirt for the sun (when we get some) and for the holidays.

I started with my hubby's t-shirt and here is what I created:

 Firstly get a T shirt modelled here by Stu

Lay the T-shirt on a flat surface and cut off the collar band

 With tailors chalk or a pen draw on a lower neckline, the pattern will let you go lower or higher.  

 Cut the lined area out

 Next cut off the sleeves

 Now sleeveless

 Draw in on each sleeve to make it look more feminine (do on each sleeve)  

 With one sleeve cut like shown below 

 Then cut as below to create a straight piece

 With the straight piece, you need to fold and pin

 Hold the back of the T-shirt to create the racer back, on this you will be adding the folded, sew strip  

 Then sew keeping it in place on the T-shirt to get the correct length sewn   

 Cut the excess off and fold the added sewn part the right way round so the outer ring/ back is smooth and all sewn parts are hidden. Then you have done it is so simple with great results!!!  TADA!!! 


I love wearing it and hope it has inspired you? It is a very quick sew
Andrea xx

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