Monday, 31 March 2014

T shirt re-design

    Wow been a while since I have posted, well ok nearly a week! But it has been a busy one. I volunteered as a parent helper on a school trip to London Museum of life. I kind of wondered what I had let myself in for after a 6am start and no coffee!!! It took 4 hours there and then 4 hours back and lots of kids being sick on the bus!!! Oh well may think about it next time???

So I went shopping on Saturday to get over it with the coffee on drip! I saw a top I liked the look of but didn't want to shell out too much money so decided to make my own.

I have started it :

So I started with the plain T-shirt.

Then I cut in half down the back.

And I have started to add the lace trim also in pink. I am now in the process of adding buttons. But as I have poked myself in the the thumb a few times with the pin I am going to post the rest tomorrow! It looks great so make sure you pop over and have a look.

Andrea xxx

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