Friday, 25 April 2014

Quote Canvas

      what a horrible day here! I think we have gotten used to the lovely weather so it is a shock when it is cold and rains??

So I shut myself in the craft room and made some lovely canvases. They are so cute.

 I am selling them on my easy shop if anyone would like one and to see all the other handmade goodies I have made over there.

 Off to sit in front of the fire and get warm

Andrea xxxxx

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Blossom the Fox WOYWW 255


    So after a long week, I have finished Blossom the fox. She is on my desk this morning sitting pretty. So for WOYWW 255, I would like you to meet Blossom.

I think her dress is so cute. I am going to go to the gym this morning for some calming Pilates and then start on a new ted. I should have the next finished a little quicker?? The kids have gone back to school and the nice routine has started again!!! Yeyyyyyy.

Andrea x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014



 well what a lovely day here! We have spent the day a the beach, so not too much on my desk today!

 So here is what is on my desk for WOYWW 254 . Just a few bits for making another Fox ted, they are just soooooo cute. I have not stuck my finger near the needle in my machine today either so think I have gotten away lightly! I will have her made up by tomorrow I think??? Got some more decorating to do! Oh the fun

Andrea x

Monday, 14 April 2014

Bean bag cushion


   so yet another lovely day here! I decided this afternoon after my first ride on my new motorbike this morning (very nerve wracking!) that I would create a bean bag cushion as my hubby was looking a buying one. So I had some fabric that matches my lounge furniture (I always get extra to create with) and some funky fabric from Ikea. I used piping for the first time too!

I then proceeded to run the sewing machine over my finger!!! yes nail and all took the needle full on! Right through my finger! Ahhh not recommended but I got back too it and made a great bean bag cushion.

And here is my dog Duke posing by it, thought you would all like to see him x

Right off to rest my finger before tomorrow and then get on with some more lovely sewing

Andrea xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014



So the sun is shining and I feel happy x I have finished my latest delight off!

Here is Felicity. She is a fox and is so sweet in her little shabby dress. She is 45cm tall. She has been made with lots of love and has button joints so they have nice movement.

She can be purchased through my Etsy shop Angel Art Craft Studio

Andrea xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Box Die


  well don't know how I got roped into it? But ended up in the craft shed this afternoon. I made a box for Ali over at Ali-craft. I had loss of fun though what a great die this is!!! It cuts the 3 boxes and then you fold them and tape it together! It is already scored! This would make a great gift.

 I used some bits and pieces I had in my stash but mainly used Prima products that Ali has loads of!!

What a great afternoon of crafting.
Andrea x

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


    sorry guys been ages! I can't say I have been doing anything exciting either! So disappointing. We have the kids off on holiday this week so we have been busy spending days out! But today I have been creating large fox teddies, for WOYWW 253  I have cut them out and stitched them, ready for stuffing later.

I have made the marks for the legs this time so I don't end up with two left or right legs! I think I am having a week like that! I have just realised I added the wrong link for my last WOYWW ! I added an older post! how silly.

Right must get myself in gear and blog much more this week!
See you all soon
Andrea xxxx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Finished T-shirt


  So here is the finished T-shirt I promised.

I added buttons down the strip of lace and then added an organza bow at the top. I think it looks great for holidays.

At the front I added a trim of lace to take it right round the design.

Andrea xxx