Monday, 14 April 2014

Bean bag cushion


   so yet another lovely day here! I decided this afternoon after my first ride on my new motorbike this morning (very nerve wracking!) that I would create a bean bag cushion as my hubby was looking a buying one. So I had some fabric that matches my lounge furniture (I always get extra to create with) and some funky fabric from Ikea. I used piping for the first time too!

I then proceeded to run the sewing machine over my finger!!! yes nail and all took the needle full on! Right through my finger! Ahhh not recommended but I got back too it and made a great bean bag cushion.

And here is my dog Duke posing by it, thought you would all like to see him x

Right off to rest my finger before tomorrow and then get on with some more lovely sewing

Andrea xx

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